Biella Sportcoat

Biella Sportcoat


100% Italian Wool

Super 110's
Weight: 260 g/m
Completely Customizable*

*Please note what customizations you'd like in the 'Notes' section at Checkout or contact us first for a fast response.  A Design Specialist will contact you directly to go over your ideas and make sure it's to your standards.  Anything you can think of, we're happy to help you design what you need!  


Adjustments available:


- Shoulder padding: Padded, semi-padded, no padding (natural shoulder), Roped Shoulder (raised at the shoulder line), Neapolitan Shoulder (Pleated)


- Lapel Width: Standard is 8.3cm, and goes up to 14cm wide, and as narrow as 5cm.


- Canvasing: Standard is half-canvas, Full canvas, no canvas, fused (specific fabrics only. Speak with your Specialist).


-Thread Color: Standard thread matches fabric for stitching and buttonholes. You can choose any color thread you'd like on the buttonhole for the sleeve or jacket, as well as the thread color for sewing on the buttons.


-Jacket Lining:  Standard will match fabric; varies by each individual design. You may select full lining, half lining, butterfly lining (1/4 lined), unlined (no lining).


-Inner Pockets: Standard two chest pockets (left and right), lower card holder pocket, and cell phone pocket (left chest).  You may select button-down pockets for any chest or card pocket, and may arrange the pockets any way you choose (Speak with a Specialist).  You may add a pen pocket on the interior of either chest pocket.


-Jacket Vents: Standard is double vented. You may choose single vent, no vent, or belted vent (a hidden strap resting over the seat and under the vent flap, keeping the sides from flaring out over the hips; only available on double vented jacket option).


-Jacket Sleeve Buttons: Standard is a surgeon cuff (4 functional, kissing sleeve buttons).  You may choose from 0 to 10 sleeve buttons; functioning or non functioning (real working buttons with open sleeve slit or non-functioning buttons only with an imitation slit); kissing (overlapping slightly) or non-kissing. Please note that the 'no button' option will have no sleeve slit.


-Jacket & Sleeve length:  You can control the length of jacket, and may adjust each sleeve to your anatomical measurements.


-Jacket Shoulder and Chest: You can control the slope of shoulder, and may adjust the chest width, stomach high point, center-point (where the front buttoning occurs), and length of torso to your anatomical measurements.  Please speak with a Specialist to make sure it is to your preferences.


-Pants: Pant rise, fit, waistband width, waistband split, side tabs, belt loops, no belt loops, suspender buttons, change pockets, cuffs (in any width), cuff guards, pocket options: besom, buttoned besom, patch, flap, no pocket, etc), angle pf pockets, monograms, lined or unlined pant (full, half or unlined), pleated (various pleats; speak with a specialist on how many and what style you prefer), button-fly or zipper, etc.  Depending on the pant or trouser style and fabric, a Specialist will recommend the proper approach for longevity and wear of the garment.


-Shirts: Collar, cuff, back yoke, pleats, darts, buttons, overall measurements, seams, stitching, button thread, stitch style, handsewn, machine sewn, etc. Speak with a Specialist to help design the perfect shirt to your liking.  There are near limitless features you can choose from.


*Please understand the original designs shown may be a variety of different options listed above, sized from our standard size chart, and each may vary in style from one design to the next.  Leave notes in your Cart and speak with a Specialist if you have any specifications you'd like to address.

Lapel Button Hole (Inform thread colors in Notes)
Buttons (Default matches closely)
Chest Pocket
Lower Jacket Pockets
Jacket Lining