Hand made in Spain

Hand-Painted Leather

Leather Sole

Goodyear Welt


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Contact us now to discuss the details of the event, the look you are going for and when we can come to you and take measurements, show features and build you the perfect fitting shoe.



*If location or timing is a hardship, we can set up a video call to discuss or can use our standard sizing fand defaults or measurements.  

*Prices shown are for standard leather, suedes (prices vary per material/hand finishes).

*Additional details and added features are NOT upcharged (only subject to material cost).


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  • Materials & Care

    DBH products are made with careful and thoughtful consideration, using only the world's finest materials to uphold to our standard of craftsmanship.  Here are our recommendations for a longer lasting product life:

    • Use a cedarwood shoe tree after every wear to maintain shape, as well as absord humidity and unwanted odors. If storing away your shoes, we recommend placing your shoes in the dust bags that we provide with every pair.
    • Clean with a soft, dry cloth or brush as needed.
    • Avoid excess exposure to heat, rain and sustained direct sunlight for long periods of time. If your shoes become wet, dry as soon as you can.
    • Treat your shoes with leather conditioner or a cream polish when the leather becomes dry and dull. If worn frequently, this may occur monthly.