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we have the industry knowledge you need to make you look and feel your best.

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Once you've booked your appointment, our Specialist will contact you to discuss some details of your request. They will then come directly to your home or office and discuss fabrics, features and details to your preference.




Next, our Specialist will take your anatomical measurements and ask a series of questions based on your fit preference and style.


Everything is considered for your ultimate comfort.  They will then review all the selections with you to be sure everything is satisfactory.

Step Three

Fifteen working days later, your same Specialist will hand-deliver your finished garments!  Voila!


In this visit, we will also make any final adjustments (if needed) to be sure your items are exact to your liking. 



Yelp Review

Yungwoo H.

"I contacted Derek from DBH because I wanted a custom fitted suit with specific details without paying an arm and a leg for it. I always wanted to Custom design my own suit and that's exactly what you can do at DBH! Derek is a suit aficionado and was very helpful in guiding me with my design and look. If your looking for an custom suit that's affordable with impeccable quality... DBH is the call.

Thanks Derek!"